Explore our pure cotton collection featuring both textured and dimensional looks, with twisting and colour effects. This collection uses BCI and SUPIMA® cotton fibres to create premium quality yarns that are soft, fine and natural.


To create a practical yet fun cotton blends collection,  these colourful yarns are perfect for any spring summer garments. To adapt to the busy and active lifestyle of today, we have provided longevity to our yarns through using advancements in technology without compromising the superior quality of look or handfeel. 


Our linen collection is crisp, dry yet luxuriously soft. With its natural properties, the linen blends are refined qualities and sustainability at its core. 


For the summer cashmere collection we have taken our premium cashmere raw material and blended it with linen, cotton, silk to create luxurious yet very versatile yarns for the warmer months of the year. This collection offers ultimate luxury using only the finest Inner Mongolian cashmere fibres as well as a polished focus on innovative summer blends. 


Various blends of sustainable fibres with functional fibres can create extremely unique handles within yarns. This fluidity adds drape, creating garments that are very comfortable on the skin and suitable for any season.